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Student Branches
Resource Persons Region-1
Sr.No. Name Email ID Chapter Area of expertise
1 Dr Vandana Dhingra vandana_dua_2000@yahoo.com Delhi Semantic Web,Information Retrieval,Web Mining.Analytics with R
2 Mr Sangeet Chopra sangeet.chopra@cybercure.in Delhi Cyber Security, Internet of things
3 Mr Aman Rajput aman.errajput@yahoo.co.in Delhi Internet of Things and Cyber Security.
4 Prof(Dr) H S Sharma profhssharma@yahoo.com Ghaziabad Cognitive systems and Network design
5 Dr Arun Sharma arunsharma@igdtuw.ac.in Ghaziabad Big Data Analytics, Autonomous Systems, Soft Computing Techniques
6 Dr R C Tripathi ramesh_c_tripathi@yahoo.co.in,
Noida C, C++, VB, Java, C#, VB.Net, COBOL, Lisp, Prolog, Windows, Dos, UNIX, Linux, Windows, Dos, UNIX, Linux, Oracle, Mat Lab 7.0
7 Prof Anupam Tiwari anupam50@yahoo.com Noida Cyber Security and Passionate IT security Enthusiast.
8 Prof Sunil Kumar Khatri sunilkkhatri@gmail.com Noida Software Engineering, Data Science, Pattern Recognition, Mobile Adhoc Networks, Information and Network Security
9 Prof Gurjot Singh Gaba er.gurjotgaba@gmail.com Chandigarh Networking
10 Dr Pradeep Kumar Singh pradeep_84cs@yahoo.com,
Chandigarh Software Engineering, Soft Computing Techniques and Machine Learning Techniques Application in Context to Software Systems, Information Security, Watermarking, Artificial
11 Mr Anand Nayyar anand_nayyar@yahoo.co.in Chandigarh Cloud Computing, Internet of Things (IoT), Wireless Sensor Networks, Cyber Security
12 Ms Himani Mittal research.himani@gmail.com Chandigarh Multi-agent systems, Educational Computing, Algorithms and Artificial Intelligence
13 Prof Pravin Agarwal agarwalpravin7@gmail.com Lucknow Computers, Cyber Security & Forensics, Banking & Finance, R&D, Innovation, Polymers & Plastics,Solar Energy, Chemical Engg, Nuclear Energy,Disaster & Risk Management,Change
14 Prof Pankaj K Goswami goswamipankaj2k1@yahoo.com Lucknow Artificial Intelligence, Machine Translation, Cloud Architectures and Services, Information Storage & Management.
15 Prof Dushyant Kumar Singh dks4885@gmail.com Allahabad Computer Vision, Embedded System Design, Information Security & Soft Computing Implications.
16 Dr Mohammad Ahsan Chishti ahsanchisti@yahoo.com Srinagar Computer Networks, IOT, IPv6
Resource Persons Region-2
Sr.No. Name Email ID Chapter Area of expertise
1 Mr Snehasis Banerjee joysnehasis@gmail.com
Kolkata IoT, Web Reasoning, Machine Learning, Recommender Systems and Neuroscience.
2 Dr Swapan Purkait swapan@nettech.in Kolkata Advanced technology areas such as Cloud Computing, Internet of Things, Big Data, Analytics, Cyber Security etc
3 Mr Subhasis Sanyal coolsubhasis@gmail.com Kolkata Cloud Computing Mobile Computing Java & J2EE, Advance Web Technologies
4 Dr Deepak Gupta deepak.cse@nitap.in North East Support Vector Machine for regression and Classification problems, Machine Learning, Algorithms
Resource Persons Region-3
Sr.No. Name Email ID Chapter Area of expertise
1 Dr Nishtha Kesswani nishtha@curaj.ac.in Jaipur Wireless Networks, Cloud Computing and Data Mining
2 Vikas Bajpai vikas.bajpai87@gmail.com,
Jaipur Cloud Computing and Big Data Analytics
3 Dr Santosh K Vishwakarma santoshscholar@gmail.com Jabalpur Data Analytics, Data Mining, Text Mining
4 Prof Anupam Shukla dranupamiiitm@gmail.com
Gwalior Artificial Intelligence, Nature-Inspired Algorithms, Soft Computing, Machine Learning, Speech Processing
5 Dr Shikha Agrawal shikha@rgtu.net Bhopal Swarm Intelligence, Soft Computing, Artificial Intelligence , Optimization Techniques
6 Dr Jitendra Agrawal jitendra@rgtu.net,
Bhopal Data Mining and Information Retrieval, Soft Computing, Artificial Intelligence
7 Prof Chintan M Bhatt chintanbhatt.ce@charusat.ac.in,
Ahmedabad Big Data Analytics, Internet of Things, Data Mining, Mobile Computing, Computer Networking
8 Prof Bhushan H Trivedi bhtrivedi@yahoo.com Ahmedabad Security, especially intrusion detection, AI, any guidance for research, and effective teaching
9 Dr R Nandakumar nand.isro@gmail.com Ahmedabad Software Engineering; Specifying & evaluating Software Quality in particular. Geospatial Data Processing. Graph Theory - Distance related topics
10 Dr Mehul S Raval mehul.raval@gmail.com Ahmedabad Machine learning, Image processing, Statistical Analysis, Signal Processing, Watermarking, Steganography, Biometrics, Remote sensing
11 Dr Nalin N Jani drnnjanicsd@gmail.com Ahmedabad Cloud Computing, Internet of Things, Big Data, Analytics etc.
12 Dr Viral Nagori viral011@yahoo.com,
Ahmedabad Cloud computing, Cyber Security R programming
Resource Persons Region-4
Sr.No. Name Email ID Chapter Area of expertise
1 Dr Chittaranjan Pradhan chittaranjanfcs@kiit.ac.in Bhubaneswar Data Analytics, Information Security, Image Processing
Resource Persons Region-5
Sr.No. Name Email ID Chapter Area of expertise
1 Dr S Lakshminarayana sadalana@yahoo.com,
Visakhapatnam Computer Science - Data Mining - Text Mining - Web Search Algorithms
2 Dr M Ramakrishna Murty ramakrishna.malla@gmail.com Visakhapatnam Data Analytics with using R
3 Dr Madhavi Gudavalli madhavik4u@gmail.com Visakhapatnam Cloud Computing, Internet of Things and Cyber Security
4 Mr Sajja Ratan Kumar sratankumar.cse@anits.edu.in,
Visakhapatnam Parallel Computing, Security, Data Science, Virtualization, Cloud Computin, Distributed Computing, Software Defined Networks
5 Prof K DeviPriya k.devipriya20@gmail.com Visakhapatnam Big Data using hadoop mapreduce, Hive and Cloud Computing for creating web applications and virtual machines etc
6 Mrs Dhanamma Jagli dsjagli.vesit@gmail.com Hyderabad Data Science with R, Data Analytics with R, R Data Miner, Data Mining
7 Mr Sudhakar challapalli challapalli@yahoo.com Hyderabad Banking, System Design, Quality Assurance, Business Analysis – Business Analytics
8 Dr N Sandhya nadella_sandhya@yahoo.co.in Hyderabad Data Mining, Big Data , Data Analytics
9 Mrs Roja Ramani A rojadabbulu@gmail.com Hyderabad R & D
10 Prof Patteti Krishna kpatteti@gmail.com
Hyderabad Signal Processing for Wire/Wireless communication, MIMO, MIMO-OFDM, Multi-user MIMO, Massive MIMO Communications, Broad band access networks and image Processing
11 Dr P Suresh Kumar peddojusuresh@gmail.com Hyderabad Big Data, Analytics, Cloud Computing and IoT
12 Mr V S R Prabhu vsrp29@gmail.com,
Hyderabad Data Center Concepts, design, development and implementation, Cyber Security and Information, Security Strategy and implementation, Network and Infrastructure Management
13 Mr Parthasarathi B parthasarathi.b@sonatasoftware.com Hyderabad Cloud Computing
14 Prof Vadiraja A vadiraja.a@jyothyit.org Bangalore IoT, Single Board Computers, IoT platforms, Linux, OpenSource Platforms, NS2, PHP, Python Design Thinking, Ideation
15 Mr Ranjeet Srivastava toranjeet@gmail.com Bangalore Analytics, Business Intelligence, Data Warehousing, Decision Support System, Internet of Things. Enterprise Architecture, Data Architecture, Data Modeling, Dimensional Modeling
16 Dr P N Singh pnsingh2000@rediffmail.com Bangalore Big Data Analytics using Python, Delegation Vs Derivation in OOPs
17 Mr Venkatesh Harirajan hariraj@rediffmail.com Bangalore Project Management/Analytics
18 Mr Narasimha Datta ndatta@gmail.com Bangalore Computer Networks, Network Security, Operating Systems, Big Data technologies and allied areas
19 Dr Manish Kumar manishkumarjsr@yahoo.com Bangalore Network and Information Security, Digital Forensic, Cyber Crime and Cyber Law, Cyber Warfare
20 Mr Vijay Sharma vijay.vats.sharma@gmail.com Bangalore Cloud Computing, Computer Aided Assessments, Product Architecture
21 Prof Nivedita Manohar Mathkunti niveditagg@gmail.com Bangalore Predictive Analysis, Big Data Hadoop.
22 Mr Dattatreya S Vellal dsvellal@gmail.com Bangalore Advanced Java and J2EE, Web2.0 and its concepts Design patterns, Principles of SOLID programming Getting familiar with an IDE, How to give a technical
23 Mr Gokulmuthu N gokulmuthu@gmail.com Bangalore Programming Fundamentals, Cloud Computing, Analytics and Embedded Systems
24 Prof Shashidhar G Koolagudi koolagudi@yahoo.com Mangalore Speech processing, Audio and Multimedia signal processing, Image processing, Sentiment analysis
25 Dr A M Sudhakara sudhakara.mysore@gmail.com, sudhakara_am@yahoo.com Mysore IoT, E-banking, PCI-DSS, Cyber Security and Forensic
Resource Persons Region-6
Sr.No. Name Email ID Chapter Area of expertise
1 Ms Smita Dasharath Dange smita1231@gmail.com Mumbai Bigdata Analytics, Cloud Computing
2 Mr Arun S Dalvi dalviarun@rediffmail.com Mumbai Networking, Embedded Systems, Internet of Things, Linux Administration
3 Prof Saurabh N Mehta saurabh.n.mehta@gmail.com Mumbai IOT, Wireless Networks, RF-Id System, Open Source Hardware , and Education Technology.
4 Dr Girish M Tere girish.tere@gmail.com,
Mumbai Distributed Computing, SOA, Cloud Computing
5 Prof Chandan Banerjee chandan.banerjee@gmail.com,
Pune BI and Analytics
6 Dr Shubham Joshi shubham.research@gmail.com,
Pune Microsoft Certified Database Administrator
7 Prof Amol Dhumane amol.dhumane@sinhgad.edu Pune IoT
8 Dr (Mrs) Ayesha Butalia ayeshabutalia@yahoo.co.in Pune Soft Computing, Pervasive Computing/Ubiquitous Computing, IOT
9 Dr Prabir Panda dr.panda@outlook.in Pune Information Systems, Cyber Security, Ethical Hacking, Cyber Crime Investigations
10 Mr Kaustubh Choudhary choudhary.kaustubh@gmail.com Pune Image Steganography and Steganalysis, Cyber Security, Internet of Things
11 Prof Dr M U Kharat mukharat@rediffmail.com Nashik Advanced IoT based tools and kits
12 Prof Bhavana A Khivsara khivsara.bacoe@snjb.org Nashik Big data and IoT
13 Dr Sharvari C Tamane sharvaree73@yahoo.com Aurangabad Big Data Analytics, Cloud Computing, Advanced Database Management Systems, Performance Analysis & Simulation, Design and Analysis of Algorithms, Compute
Resource Persons Region-7
Sr.No. Name Email ID Chapter Area of expertise
1 Dr R Siva Shankar r.sivashankar@hotmail.com,
Trichy Java Programming, Medical Image Segmentation, Multimedia, Web Technologies, Computer Graphics, Distributed Technologies
2 Dr S R Balasundaram srb.nitt@gmail.com Trichy e-:Learning, OOAD, Internet and Web Technologies, Mobile Technologies, Big Data, Cognitive Science
3 Dr R Saranya aranya@cutn.ac.in Trichy Cyber Security, Big Data analytics, IoT, Software Engineering
4 Prof A Bharanidharan abharanidharan@srec.ac.in Coimbatore Data Structures and Algorithms, Big data Analytics ( Hadoop, PIG, SQOOP, HBASE, HIVE, Spark) Internet of Things ( Arduino, Raspberry PI, TI MSP 430)
5 Prof K Gangadharan k.gangadharan@gmail.com Coimbatore Computer Networking, Mobile and Wireless Networks, Satellite systems & Networks, OptoElectronics and Fiber Optic system engineering, Cyber Security, Internet of Things(IoT).
6 Dr V Bhuvaneswari bhuvanes_v@yahoo.com Coimbatore Big Data Analytics
7 Dr Shriram K Vasudevan kv_shriram@cb.amrita.edu Coimbatore Embedded Systems, Advanced Computer Architecture, Augmented / Virtual Reality, Advanced Operating Systems and Enterprise Architecture
8 Mr Sudarsun Santhiappan sudarsun@gmail.com Chennai Machine Learning, Natural Language Processing & Big Data Analytics
9 Mr Sridhar Pandurangiah sridhar@sastratechnologies.in Chennai Cloud Computing and Big Data and Analytics
11 Prof Sumathi M R sumathikuben@yahoo.co.in Chennai Data Mining / Artificial Intelligence / Expert Systems
12 Dr N Raghavendra Rao drrao09@gmail.com Chennai Business Applications in the areas of Cloud Computing, Virtual Reality, and Social Media
13 Dr S Kavipriya urskavi@mepcoeng.ac.in Sivakasi Data Analytics. Internet of Things and Big Data
14 Dr JAngela Jennifa Sujana ang_jenefa@mepcoeng.ac.in,
Sivakasi Cloud Computing
15 Dr. (Mrs) P. Velmani vel_comp@yahoo.com Sivakasi Wireless Sensor Network, Smart technologies (WSN, IOT, Drones), Data Mining, Big Data, Nano Technology
16 Prof M Satheeshkumar satheesh.becse@gmail.com Sivakasi IoT
17 Prof R Venitta Raj venittaraj@mepcoeng.ac.in Sivakasi Network Security, Social Network Analysis
18 Prof Deepu Benson bensondeepu@gmail.com Cochin Computer Networks, Design and Analysis of Algorithms.
19 Prof Tiji Thomas tiji@macfast.org Cochin Advanced Technology Areas in IT, Programming with C & C++ , PHP and MySql